As a Subject Matter Expert, your content is your business. And when you create a product, it’s important to take time and define the essentials of your specific offering (i.e online course, book, white paper, presentation, talk, ppt, etc.)

An unfortunate problem many Subject Matter Experts run into is travel time. Many of you are exhausted from a rigorous travel schedule. There is simply not enough time to spend with your family. You’re spending too much time on the road and not enough time doing the things you love.

That’s awesome if that’s the model you want to have. The rigorous schedule means you are making money and have an income to support your family. But, you have little time to think about the possibility of leveraging your content.

The most successful Subject Matter Experts using Knowledgelink PRIORITIZE production. For example, when they are not on the road traveling, they focus on shooting new videos and creating quality, sellable programs that clients want. This allows them to sell their content over and over again, digitally, without having to be there.

You have a routine and it’s hard to change that. It’s hard to say to your manager, bureau, assistant or booking agent that you are going to take two weeks off to create content. It’s hard to say you have product or market fit before production. It’s hard to go to a corporate client and say your creating content when they need you in office.

We understand you are out there spreading your knowledge and, more importantly, changing lives. But if you want to start leveraging the knowledge you already have and start generating a passive source of income, then prioritizing production is vital to your success.

Here is a question we will leave you with and one that you should ask yourself, “What steps am I going to take to change my life today?”


Author: Peter Getchell

Peter joined Knowledgelink in 2005 with more than eight years of experience in client services and sales. He currently is a member of the executive team and spearheads all business development initiatives for Knowledgelink. As a long time Boston and Phillies sports fan, Peter catches a lot of slack from the New York faithfuls. Peter now resides in Connecticut with his wife and two beautiful daughters.