A user interface that’s familiar and engaging

Intuitive Interface

Knowledgelink has been designed with the end-user in mind.  While other platforms may have the management and reporting features we offer, no other platform delivers the consumer-friendly interface that our users have come to enjoy.

Powerful Search

Users can find content their way – either launch content directly from the Enrolled and New & Featured dashboards, browse with traditional navigation or use our in-line search engine to find courses and sessions based on title, descriptions and tags related to interests.

Our goal is to make sure your learners can find the content they need easily and quickly.

Personalized Dashboard

And when users enroll themselves or are assigned courses of content, these selections appear with current completion status right on each users’ personalized learning track dashboard.

Industry-best Video

Our proprietary Knowledgelink player screen provides the industry’s best video quality and functionality in a consumer-style experience.  We like to say our player screen feels more like TED or Masterclass and less LMS, but you try it out and decide for yourself!

Full-screen playback, SD/HD option, speed control, bookmarking and Up Next auto-play paired with functionality like in-line commenting, call-to-action buttons and one-click sharing or enrollment deliver a user experience not seen in standard LMS platforms… but that’s ok with us!


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