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Twenty years of technology and teaching.

KnowledgeLink is an LMS that is well past adolescence. We’re a grownup solution that is robust enough for your applications but because we’re lean and laser-focused on our core users, we offer competitive pricing.

Jeffrey Gitomer

President and CEO of The Gitomer Learning Academy

The Gitomer Learning Academy educates clients in sales, customer loyalty, and personal development. When Gitomer first partnered with Knowledgelink we had the task of migrating their content library. With a plan created by the customer success and development teams we were able to move their entire content library and launch the platform in under 60 days.

Jen Gluckow

Founder and CEO of Sales in a New York Minute

Jen Gluckow is an expert in sales, social selling, targeted networking, and also an accomplished writer, speaker, and advisor. Her Knowledgelink platform contains courses aimed to help clients gain a greater understanding of how sales are made and relationships are built in today’s social world and face-to-face reality.

Richard T. Cleary

President and CEO of FSEdNet

FSEDNET educates clients in the financial services industry. He’s been a Knowledgelink user for many years and we’ve been a big part of his expansion into new sectors.

KnowledeLink provides a professional front end that enables us to offer categorizing and searching options, as well as enabling us to have a consistent look and feel regardless of whom we are marketing the product to.

Donna Hanson, CSP

The Productivity Portal

The platform is so easy to use and update. It allows us to creatively present our material in many different ways, customized to a customers desires.

Dick Cleary, President and CEO


Every employee at Knowledgelink is terrific; knowledgeable, helpful and easy to work with on all of our online course needs.

Teri Kotlarski, VP of Marketing

Richard Weylman Inc.

I think that the format and layout of the video courses is so easy to use and great for managing all aspects of the customer experience.

Stefanie Petersen, Senior Customer Success and Pro Manager

Likeable Local

The Knowledgelink  customer support is wonderful. Other membership platforms may have more features and benefits, but why I love you guys is the great customer support from the entire team.  You continue to serve your customers at this level and answer questions in a timely manner, and work with your customers on feature improvements, as that goes a long way in loyalty and referrals.

Sam Richter, CSP

KnowMore Center

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