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No matter how flashy the visuals, the story always matters. So says Richard Mulholland: South African speaker, author, and founder of presentation firm Missing Link and 21Tanks, South Africa’s first perspective lab. From a background as a roadie for Def Leppard and Iron Maiden, Mulholland knows how to make the best flashy presentations to dazzle your audience. But, without solid content, any event will fall flat. From properly building your presentation like an architect to how to best practice your speaking craft in public, this informative guest spells it out. Mulholland also leads Jon through his ideas on leaders vs. managers, the role of content curation in any business, and the best board games for any business leader.


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Play board games to be a better business leader. Here are the games talked about in this episode:

Tiny Epic Zombies




Forbidden Island





1:40 How did you get to this point in your career?

6:35 What are the most important steps to delivering a good presentation?

15:09 What is Leadr Speak?

20:52 Could anyone give one of these prepared presentations?

24:01 Are Malcolm Gladwell and Elon Musk great presenters?

28:46 How can board games make you a better business leader?

35:07 What are the best 3 board games for anyone?

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