Knowledgelink is a company of talented and driven individuals, passionate about delivering digital knowledge to professionals and building the coolest online tools to do it. We believe every Knowledge Expert, Customer Success Team, and Corporate Learning Department should have the ability to easily digitize their ideas and deliver them online to educate and inspire.

We began in 2002 and many things have changed over the years, but our founding vision remains unchanged. Knowledgelink connects your digital knowledge with the people who want it the most and even helps you build a business model around this content.

If you have knowledge to share and an audience who wants it, Knowledgelink has the platform and services to deliver your ideas and expertise.

Knowledgelink is for Knowledge Experts, Customer Success Teams, and Corporate Learning Departments who want to build an interactive knowledge community around their audience. Build online courses, engage groups of users uniquely and deliver content in several different ways.

Edulence 79 Madison Avenue, 2nd Floor New York, New York 10016 Tel: 212.792.5800 | Fax: 212.792.5810

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