We’ve added an auto-assign feature for all subscribable courses. Currently this feature only works for users coming into the platform via the Knowledgelink marketing sites. With this release the functionality of this feature will change. When the “Auto-assignment” switch is turned on, it will give admins to the ability to automatically assign specific courses to users when they are added to the platform from any avenue (manually, registration form, integration). We recommend using this feature if you want to take advantage of our new reporting feature: Course Status by Assignment.


Turning this feature on will activate a new toggle on each subscribable course in your content library. To view this feature, navigate to your content library in the Admin Content page and open a course to edit. Scroll down to see the new feature under the subscription settings. This feature will only be available if the course is subscribable and the “Auto-assignment” switch in the settings tab is turned on (shown in the image above).


Toggling this feature on will auto-assign all new users to this course. New users include:

  • Users manually added or invited via the Admin Users page.
  • Users imported through the batch uploader via the Users Admin page
  • Users that self-register using the self-registration page.
  • Users added via integrations such as Zapier or Infusionsoft.

Currently, Knowledgelink sends out emails notifying users that they have been assigned to a course; whether that be through the Assignments Admin page, or if users subscribe themselves. Emails will still go out to a user when they are assigned in either of these two ways. However, emails will not be sent for users who are subscribed to a course via the Auto-Assignments feature.

Admins that already have the Auto-Assign switch turned on for their marketing site will have their current settings preserved. New users added to their platform will be auto-assigned to all subscribable courses they have access to. Subscribable courses will have the auto assign feature automatically turned on. All email frequency settings (for email reminders) will be preserved.

Author: admin