Design drives engagement.

We built our platform on instructional design best practices.

Course Commentary

This unique feature sets Knowledgelink LMS apart from the competition. Knowledgelink allows you to create time stamped comments on your videos. This gives you the ability to reemphasize key points in your videos and increase user engagement.

Add context to content

Fleshes out video content with relevant material, notes and nuance.

Drive engagement

Create a truly multi-media experience for the modern, connected learner.

Drive a point home

Emphasize specific content at the moment it’s delivered via video.

Improve adoption

The commentary function has proven to increase completion rates and ratings of content.

Facilitate a coaching experience

Use the commentary tool to ask coaching questions that get your audience thinking.


Want to add something to a video without entirely re-shooting? Just add the new content via the commentary function. It’s easy and saves you time and money on content production.

Custom Quizzing with Tin-Can Compatibility

We chose to integrate with Tin-Can (instead of SCORM) because it allows you to get the most robust set of analytics from

Tin-Can is the latest and greatest quizzing tool using SCORM standards that allows you to track complete user progression with your content.

Your quizzes can be as simple or as complex as you like, using Tin-Can they perform better across browsers, bookmarks user progress mobile-to-web and vice versa, and your quizzes play within the KnowledgeLink application so users don’t exit to an external page, keeping them in the platform for a seamless UX.

E-Learning Brothers and E-Learning Minds seamlessly integrate with the KnowledgeLink platform.


The KnowledgeLink LMS allows admins (like enterprise and office admins) to assign content to their own subsets of users to further customize the learning environment.

Use case:

  • Location managers can assign specific content to individuals and groups that are relevant to that location’s objectives.

Access Permissions

Automatically create specific learning tracks based on roles or media groups.


As learners reach the end of a lesson, the next session automatically plays to facilitate continuous learning.

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