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Eric Siu brought back a company on the brink of failure, all while scripting, producing, and editing his own podcast: Growth Everywhere. Now one of the Top Fifteen podcasts to listen to (just behind Oprah!) and close to 900,000 downloads a month, Siu has been creating and marketing hot content for years. As half of the Marketing School podcast (with Neil Patel), host of Growth Everywhere, and CEO of Single Grain, Siu is a renowned marketing genius and expert. But how did he get here and what makes him so good?

This week Jon and Eric discuss the keys to marketing success, how to build a successful brand, and how to get your audience engaged.



2:25 Tell us a little about Single Grain
6:23 Was the plan to make education the driver for your marketing?
7:43 How do you come up with the ideas for your shows and maintain a consistent schedule?
10:55 How do you feel about episode length and frequency?
14:49 Strategies for driving people to give feedback?
16:35 How has the number of listeners changed how you run the show? Do you plan on monetizing the show?
19:26 What’s the most exciting part of creating educational materials?
21:10 What have you learned about content production across the board that you are able to turn out high-quality content so quickly?
25:35 What are some of the lessons you’ve learned
if you could do it all over again? How would you make it easier or better for you?
27:10 What does the name Single Grain mean?
28:35 What are the top three podcasts you listen to?
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Author: Jon Tota

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