Welcome to Season 3 of Learning Life, and welcome to our Women in Learning series! Each week, we’ll dive into the successes and struggles of powerful women making an impact on learning and organizational business. 

Dr. Marina Theodotou is the Director of Operations and Analytics at the Defense Acquisition University, a training university of the US Department of Defense. She is also an author, a former leader in computer science K-12 education, and a whole lot more. Seriously, just read her Linkedin.

This week, she sits down with Jon to talk about the three pillars of a sustainable culture of learning, and her work at the DAU. With over a million online courses completed every year, and 10 million visitors, Dr. Theodotou is piloting an AI-powered course to increase information retention. 

Want to learn more about Dr. Theodotou?

Find her on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marinatheodotou/

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