We’re on vacation this week but that doesn’t mean you have to be. Check out this replay from our first season. Anna Liotta was episode 17 of Learning Life (as you may be able to tell from the audio quality) but that doesn’t change the importance of her research!


Crowded house growing up? Think again. Generational speaker and author Anna Liotta is one of nineteen children! Clearly, she was born into the fire of inter-generational dynamics. Anna converses with Jon about some of the data in her latest book Unlocking Generational Codes: a guide on the distinctive behaviors of each generation in the workplace. Each generation has their preferences in work and leadership style, priorities, life fulfillment, and communication habits. In the office, these distinctive behaviors have the potential to clash. In this episode, Anna breaks down when and why these behaviors occur, and how current events affect how generations approach issues. And most importantly, how to effectively utilize the strengths of people from differing generations.
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Curious about generational relationship dynamics? Learn more at The Generational Institute and buy her book on Amazon!

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Episode Chapters:

2:17 Why is Anna so passionate about generational codes?
6:30 Which generations are active in the workplace right now?
8:54 Are “cuspers” (those born on the cusp of generations) better managers? How do generational codes influence behavior?
14:50 How do social mood cycles impact generational codes? How does this translate to the workplace?
21:21 What social mood are we in right now and what does that mean?
25:00 Generational communication within the workplace
28:33 How do generational codes impact loyalty?
34:17 How did Anna transition her content from live keynoting to on-demand digital format?

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