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Push notifications

Once a course is assigned to a student or a student enrolls in a course, they automatically receive a schedule of email messages to remind them of the content to be completed.

Increase training adoption with push training. Users who are enrolled in courses get emails on a schedule defined by the Administrator.

Make it easy for your users to keep on top of their coursework!

In-platform Notifications

Message your users in real time with in-platform messaging. Administrators and Managers can send notifications to a single user, enterprise, office or media group. This is great for announcements, enrollments, board sharing and to encourage your users to view content.

Knowledgelink will also automatically send email notifications and enrollment reminders to your on the schedule you set per course.


Detailed Reporting

Document, retain and analyze the success of your learning with simple and easy-to-use reporting. Trend reporting by user, office, views, logins and registrations provide real-time access to the data you need to determine which of your content is working best.

And our interactive reporting dashboard shows you all the unique data you need to capture from your xAPI, SCORM and internal quiz and survey sessions.


Set up compliance messaging for incoming users to ensure they understand the terms of use. If your company requires acceptance of special terms and conditions to access content, Knowledgelink has you covered with one simple feature.

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