We may go by Knowledgelink, but our brand is still Edulence on the inside.

Edulence was founded in 2002 by Jon Tota, Brian Edelman and Eric Edelman – three experts in field technology solutions.  While our team has grown and changed quite a bit from those days, our original mission is unchanged.  

“We believe every expert should have the ability to turn their knowledge into a subscription business.  And every corporate educator must have access to a platform-agnostic content source to keep their learners engaged and advancing in their respective skill sets.”


Now we go by the name of our flagship product Knowledgelink because our focus has narrowed to a singular vision… To grow Knowledgelink’s unique feature set and deliver industry-leading customer service to corporate educators and content providers around the world.

We began in 2002 and many things have changed over the years, but our founding vision remains unchanged. Knowledgelink connects your expertise with the people who want it most so you can build a business model around your knowledge.



Contact us at:  Edulence, 79 Madison Avenue, 15th Floor, New York, NY 10016  |  212.792.5800  |  info@edulence.com

Edulence 79 Madison Avenue, 2nd Floor New York, New York 10016 Tel: 212.792.5800 | Fax: 212.792.5810

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