User engagement drives adoption

Combining traditional learning strategy with the latest in technology.

Course Commentary

This unique feature sets Knowledgelink LMS apart from the competition. Knowledgelink allows you to create time stamped comments on your videos. This gives you the ability to reemphasize key points in your videos and increase user engagement.

Add context to content

Fleshes out video content with relevant material, notes and nuance.

Drive engagement

Create a truly multi-media experience for the modern, connected learner.

Drive a point home

Emphasize specific content at the moment it’s delivered via video.

Improve adoption

The commentary function has proven to increase completion rates and ratings of content.

Facilitate a coaching experience

Use the commentary tool to ask coaching questions that get your audience thinking.


Want to add something to a video without entirely re-shooting? Just add the new content via the commentary function. It’s easy and saves you time and money on content production.

Quizzing and Surveys

Knowledgelink offers a built-in quiz and survey module for simple knowledge reinforcement and user feedback to a manager or instructor’s reporting dashboard. A quiz module may be scored, or not, and placed anywhere in your course curriculum.

And for all our power users, Knowledgelink also offers industry-standard compliance with xAPI and SCORM published content. Use any authoring tool you like and your advanced interactive content will play and report seamlessly to the Knowledgelink Interactive Reporting dashboard. 

You can leverage Knowledgelink’s built-in quiz and survey module for easy, instant-loading knowledge checks and user interaction or  create immersive eLearning with all major authoring tools like Lectora, Storyline, and Captivate.

Enrollments and Sharing

Knowledgelink provides a powerful system of enrolled content to provide each user a personalized learning experience.  Enrollments lead to greater user adoption so we’ve made it easy for Managers and Administrators to enroll users in the courses you want them to see or the ones they need the most based on knowledge state.

Take advantage of Auto-Enrollment, the Enroll Others feature and our latest course recommendation engine Knowledge Pilot to make sure your users view the content that is most important to their professional development.

And if enrolling isn’t your thing, we’ve also just introduced Boards so you can collect the sessions and courses that you like most and share them with other users.

Knowledge Pilot


Take advantage of our proprietary course recommendation system just released for all Knowledgelink users – Knowledge Pilot. 

Author your own assessments and link them to recommended learning tracks in Knowledgelink to auto-enroll your users in the personalized development they need most at this time. 

Or browse our marketplace of free and premium assessments and related off-the-shelf content to instantly create skill set and behavioral based learning tracks based on each user’s unique strengths and weaknesses.

Pre-requisites and Autoplay

Knowledgelink combines traditional learning design strategy with the latest in consumer video playback features. Set your video courses to pre-requisite and each user will automatically proceed through your curriculum in the order you want them to.

Exclusive content can also remain locked until users achieve access or purchase premium offerings.  Knowledgelink provides the ultimate in model flexibility so you can design interactive and adaptive learning that drives adoption your way!


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